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Mira Fujita

Gender: Male
Age: 532 (appears 17)
Birth date: April 24 1478
Date of Rebirth: August 1495
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Skin color: Creamy white
Hair Length: Short
       Style: no distinct hair style
       Color: Purple
Eye color: Gold with purple swirl in center
Race: Vampire
Sibling: None
Power: Can seduce any human, werewolf, or vampire and get them to do as he ask
Sexuality: Gay
Dominate/submissive: Submissive
Mate: Daisuke Yamamoto
Strength: Sex; Immune to Shiro's powers and Atlai's Poison
Weakness: Pagan Religious signs
Likes: Being near his mate; human blood after sex
Dislikes: Pedophiles; Nyxie
Desires: Kill Nyxie; Kill Lucas and Shiori
        Born into noble bloodline sometime in 1478, Mira lived a sheltered life within the confines of his families estate. When he leaves the estate after his fourteenth birthday to visit one of the nearby villages, he meets Daisuke Yamamoto and falls in love with him. Three years later, he convinces Daisuke to change him while in the throws of pleasure, and became an Incubus because of it. He hates Nyxie because she tried to kill him, thinking that he was an incubus trying to trap her brother, a thought she still believes to this day. When Nyxie failed to kill Mira, she decided to kill every known member of his family. Mira seeks revenge against her for this, and would like nothing more than to see her dead at his feet. Despite having to follow the same rules as his mate, he is not actually a member of The Septem. Little more is known about him.
The final Revised form of Mira's Character file!

Finally fixed everything and now that he and the main characters in 'Ties That Bind' are complete.
If it seems strange to people that I completed character files first, it's so i can get attached to them myself and not end up killing them every-so-often if I'm bored

Anyways, Hope you like him, Prologue of story comes out in a few days! Extra excited!!!
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